Uncle Sandy’s Macaw Bird Park

Here are some beautiful photographs I got of the birds at Uncle Sandy’s Macaw Bird Park in Pensacola Florida. It is a nonprofit that accepts birds from military members that are deployed, people who can not take care of them any more, anybody else, adopts the birds out to good families, or takes care of them when their owners can’t. Beautiful birds and it is only 5 dollars for entry to see 100+ birds they have on their property and a bucket of peanuts to feed them!


6 Replies to “Uncle Sandy’s Macaw Bird Park”

  1. What a wonderful place. Some people don’t realize that their pet parrot may out live them so no provisions are made for the bird. I am glad there is a place for such birds to go. That is also great that they take in ones that the owners are deployed military. Great post all around. 🙂

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