Mon Voyage a Paris!

So, I went on a day trip with Premium Tours and Eurostar, it was about 230 for the train ride into paris, a bus tour, lunch on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, boat tour, two hours by yourself, then a train ride home. It was really worth it because I know I wouldn’t have seen all the sights I did if I just would have done the trip by myself. . I am not the best planner haha

Overall, the highlights were the food and the Eiffel Tower. If you are going to really experience Paris, like all other cities, you really have to stay for more than one day to see what it is all about! So unfortunately, I left a tourist, not a person more knowledgeable about the french culture and the city of Paris. I am so glad I got to see what I did though! It made me think of what to do when I go to Paris for an extended trip.. Definitely visiting the Eiffel Tower again to get better pictures, and DEFINITELY visiting the Moulin Rouge, and eating more food :3


6 thoughts on “Mon Voyage a Paris!

  1. Hi Natasha – I an glad I discovered your blog. + 1 follower 🙂
    I like the picture of the firm Eiffel Tower structures. I had no idea the structure is so sophisticated, with such steel ‘networks’ until I saw it in real life.
    – Ruta

  2. I’ve never been here…. :/ as much as i love to travel…. I have read of it in books a gazillion times now and someday i hope to visit… 😀

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