Barcelona ;D

This is it! The trip that made me realize what I was born for! … To marry a Spanish man and live in Spain for the remainder of my years :3 I have always loved Spanish culture, and even took up learning the Spanish language (Which I am not doing well at, but have a new found motivation!). Barcelona was beautiful, warm, and welcoming. I loved every second of being there!

Unfortunately, the bus ride was 26 hours long. That’s right. A day. Plus an hour. It was rough, but so worth it. I got to stay with a very nice guy and his sister in the center of Barcelona (found through They were situated right outside of the “Parc de la citutadella” which is so gorgeous! I got to see a lot of great street performers as well as have a fun time relaxing in the sun. I also visited “La Ramba,” a more touristy place with many people, right next to Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria where I got a different type of food, an organic and vegetarian taco. Not my type of thing, but it was delicious!

Another unfortunate thing that happened is I lost my phone five minutes before my 26 hour bus ride left -_- So, now I am left on a very cheap phone I bought off of my friend, but as least I’m not phoneless I guess.

Anyways, Barcelona is a MUST SEE, and if you do, please bring me along so I can find my Spanish husband??!! haha


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