Okay, so, I went to Greece! The hotels there were super cheap, it was about 200 american dollars for four nights, and the hotels I’m used to are around 80 just for one night, so I was pretty happy with that. We stayed in an area called Voula, and it wasn’t bad, it was right next to the beach, but very trashy. I didn’t like that part :¦ When it came to Athens, I thought it was going to be more like London, with a lot of things to do.. Maybe I didn’t go to the right part, but I feel like if you weren’t there for the historic part of Athens, it wasn’t that big of a deal. I did enjoy trying the Greek food and interacting with the people and seeing the culture. If I go back again, I’d definitely want to go to some of the islands and see some more of the history that it has to offer. They had stray cats and orange trees (my two favorites of course) all over the city!! I felt bad for the cats, but they were so nice to pet, and you could tell a lot of people were leaving out things for them to eat.. Overall, it was a bit of a let down, but I definitely enjoyed myself in ways I didn’t expect. I for sure want to go back to visit, but plan it out more!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures, and if you want to show some love, visit to help me reach my $3,000 goal so I can stay in London for an internship this summer!!! Please leave some comments and tell me what you think!!


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