Borough Market

So, I apologize for not posting more!! Fortunately, spring break is in three more days!

Here is a picture of where I am going.. guess where it is!! 😀 I’m so excited!


Borough Market was amaaaaazing!!! It is everything I ever dreamed a market would be. Food, food, food, everywhere!! I got to go with my boyfriend who came into London for the day. If you remember the post, I met him online and met him in person when I started studying.. Heres a picture of us, but he was being a butt and wouldn’t smile -_-


Anyways, there is everything you could want at this market. There was fresh cheese, fresh meat, vegitables, fruits, restaurants, sweets, pickles, sauerkraut, jams, jellies, everything! I was in heaven! For lunch we went to a little booth that had this sandwich. It was really just chosen because we were tired of trying to find someplace, but it was a great choice. I think it was Italian?? The sandwich was on a toasted bun with a cooked pepper, hot sausage, and dandelion on it I think. It was so delicious!!!


After the market, we went to dinner!!! We went to this place called “Mem and Laz,” which, according to its website ” reflects the abundance and fertility of Mediterranean region in its character and has thoroughly acquired its outstanding flavours.” It was a small place in Islington. OH MY GOSH IT WAS SO GOOD! I got a chicken dish that was covered with apricots and had green beans and rice. I definitely recommend this place. Plus, the candlelight and lanterns hanging above were so beautiful!! And that was the end of our day!



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