Cardiff, Wales!

Okay, to be honest, we only went to Cardiff for the “Doctor Who Experience”, so we didn’t look around much. We only went for the day, and barely made it on time to the Dr. Who thing (AND I GOT TO SEE REAL DOCTOR WHO STUFF LIKE THE FACE OF BOE AND OODS!!!!!)  and barely made it back to the bus!! Never go to a strange town and think that you can just navigate yourself haha Next time I will definitely plan more so we don’t end up standing around looking like we are apart of the Amazing Race running around the city trying to find our way!! haha

Regardless, I loved the town! I want to go back so bad just to explore it without all the Dr. Who hype!! We saw some cute little places, and on our way there, we met a not so happy camper who is the featured image haha.

Sorry I haven’t been posting much! School has been keeping me busy and no trips have been taken recently and probably won’t be due to finances 😦 I’ll be trying to go out just to walk and explore the city and continue to keep you all updated!!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Cardiff, Wales!

      1. Dont remember seeing those, and I havent watched the older stuff. I just got started on it with the doctor before David Tennant and I am only on the first couple episodes of season six now I think. I dont watch a lot of TV so its hard for me to catch up with everyone else lol I know there was older stuff though there. They had all the doctors suits there as well as some replicas and originals of old tardis equiptment. It was pretty cool, but not worth just going just for that. For the amount of money it costs for the ticket and transportation I wish I would have stayed and explored Cardiff more and at least seen some of the spots that they filmed at!

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