Chinatown, London

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Chinatown!!! And I got here all by myself on the tube! It’s a month in, and I’m so proud that I’m doing so well on the public transportation. Saint Louis did not have anything close to the tube that was as efficient or as crowded really, so I’m happy I am doing so well with it. I hate having to constantly top my up card though! They should have a bigger student discount!!

Chinatown wasn’t as big as I expected it to be, but still very neat. I wish I had more money to go and buy from the fresh stands and some of the small stores. We did get the chance to eat inside one of the restaurants and it tasted a lot more authentic than Chinese restaurants back home! So delicious! I love that London has so much culture within each different part of the town!

Hope you enjoy the pictures and don’t forget to check out my story here!


2 thoughts on “Chinatown, London

  1. Nice pictures. You didn’t waste any time!! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed wondering around.
    The Chinese new year parade is on Feb 22nd. Apparently biggest outside China. Its from Duncannon Street to Shaftsbury Ave. Not sure what time though.

    1. Thanks! haha I like yours better though, but definitely had a fun time checking everything out. Once I get an idea in my head I have to act, so.. of course no wasting time! lol Thanks for letting me know! I will write that down and will hopefully be able to attend 🙂

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