Trip to Trafalgar!

My friend and I decided to get out of our small dorm rooms and take a trip into a different part of the city. I let her chose and she chose Trafalgar Square, and what a great choice!!!


As soon as we got there, we came out of the underground (the subway system in London) and saw huge buildings, and an open square area with a huge fountain and the National Portrait Gallery. At first, I was in awe of the street performers. They were set up everywhere, some good, others just okay, but all fun to look at. The statue person was my favorite, along with the fire limbo guy!! After looking at the performers, we decided to go inside the NPG. It was amazing! Hundreds of paintings from the 1500’s and back were in each room inside this huge building. Definitely a great find if you are into .. well.. old portraits lol



After Trafalgar Square, we walked around a bit and found someplace to eat, took some pictures, and just explored! Oh, and I got a Kinderegg 😀 The featured image is the toy that came inside of mine! So much fun, I am addicted. I already have a toy car and fairy in my collection! haha, or maybe it is just the chocolate that is so good!


Please remember, studying abroad isn’t just getting to take pictures and travel around. It cost a lot of money for my classes and housing. If this didn’t cost enough, I am also trying to raise money for an internship during the summer. Please help me out by visiting and donating! (Oh, and my birthday is coming up so this would make a great present!! 😉 Thanks for reading!!


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