Regent’s University


It’s Day 2 in London and I’m all settled in! I have a cute little dorm room, key word little, but it is quite nice! Here are some pictures of my room and the view(Literally taken from my window!) ! Sorry for the bad phone photos on the bottom, but that is just to show how pretty the fireplace and window is.

DSC_0024 DSC_0029 10922636_876960648991731_4026068035551587247_n 10906099_876960672325062_3648010193507219272_n (1)

It is so nice here, and we are right off of Baker Street, where Sherlock Holmes was filmed, which has lots of nice little shops. I went to a store called “Boots” today to get some necessities that I couldn’t pack. I have yet to explore all that is around me, but we did take a short walk in Regent’s Park. Absolutely beautiful and the birds are seen as well as heard from my window!

DSC_0045 DSC_0054

Fun fact about Regent’s park: the landlord is the Queen! It is one of a few parks within London that is owned by the Royal Family. I am studying at a university on Royal property!!!

Everything so far has been pretty amazing. I am not as excited as I should be because of the Jet Lag, but as soon as classes get started and my schedule gets situated, I can not wait to use my three day weekend’s to explore everything that is London.

Unfortunately, I lost my camera charger so pictures will be very few until I can get a new one. Trying to preserve my battery for needed trips! I will try to keep you all updated with words as well as a couple photos here and there though.

Also, please don’t forget that this trip is costing me a lot! On top of that, I have an internship at the end of the semester that will be unpaid and full time. Please help me by donating to my travels at There is more info about my plans there! Thanks!

Hope you all are doing well!!


6 thoughts on “Regent’s University

    1. The cold is NOT as bad as Saint Louis right now. Maybe in the summer it will be colder though, because its like an oven in Saint Louis in the summer haha I liked boots too, and it hasn’t rained yet when I have been outside so I am having a great time! haha Where did you study at?

      1. I did a summer semester at university college London. Glad you haven’t hit rain. It rained for a week when I first got there and was cold. I was miserable but then I got used to it, the weather got better and I loved my time there.

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