Traveling again!!!


Guess what!! I’m going to London!

I have 10 days until my flight leaves.

I’ll be there from January-August!

Thankfully, I’ll have a more steady
place to live so that means more
regular blog posts and pictures!

Are you ready to see London?
I can’t wait!


14 thoughts on “Traveling again!!!

  1. You’re bound to enjoy London. Don’t forget to get the river bus (not necessarily the touristy one) down to Greenwich.
    I hope London light with its constant cloudscapes catche your eye

  2. You can get off before you get to Greenwich at Canary Wharf and walk up the river on the river path, you will find a quaint little pub, The Bells, owned by Ian McKellen who lives next door

  3. I was brought up in London’s East End ( Dockland) and spent some of the war years there too. moved out after I got married in 1957! My – there have been so many changes – it’s unrecognisable from the London I knew. My old Street was demolished years ago, making way for Canary Wharf etc.
    We were able to walk through a tunnel ( wonder if it’s still there?)underneath the Thames to get to Greenwich .Plenty of beautiful, historic buildings and the park to photograph Natasha.

    1. It is a shame that your street was demolished! Maybe I will get to visit the East End soon. I know that my Theater class will be seeing some shows that way. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely be going down to the Thames and Ill see if there is still that tunnel. What area are you at now?

  4. We moved to Crawley, West Sussex – it was one of the ‘New Towns’ built to take people from London after the war. Came here in 1964 and still here…. I was widowed in 2007 and my photography hobby has been a God-send to me.

    1. Oh Okay I see. I’m so sorry for your loss, but happy that photography can help. It helps me with a lot of my problems as well. It is definitely a way to be able to express yourself in so many different ways.

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