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California will definitely be missed! Just like Oregon, in the Northern Coast California had some of the most beautiful beaches. Then, after you hit the beaches, you get to see the amazing Redwood Forest. It was the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen! Giant trees bigger than my grandma’s small Ford Fiesta haha! I can’t wait to come back again to visit and camp among these magical trees.

After that was San Franscisco. We couldn’t afford much in the city, but we did walk around and get to see the cool architecture, a famous alleyway with poems from artists like Maya Angelo. Also, we ran into a movie set too in China Town!

Last but not least was Los Angeles! Unfortunately, our only stop here was Venice Beach. The city had a lot to offer, but we didn’t have enough time. Venice Beach was enough to occupy the full day though. We got to see some street performers, cool artists, muscle beach, and a skate park!

Overall, California is a MUST see, and a MUST return after you see place. Can not wait to come visit again!


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