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Washington was one of our favorites thusfar. Luckily, we got to stay with a friend’s family member who told us all the good spots to go to! We stopped in Seattle, which was gorgeous. We are used to Saint Louis, but Seattle had trees all over the city, unlike Saint Louis’s barren and concrete look. It also had a lot better public transportation than Saint Louis. You can see people biking all over the place and it really made me wonder why Saint Louis hasn’t caught up with this. We visited Pike’s Market, WHICH WAS HUGE. We bought a watermelon for my little brother and some local artist made postcards to send back home. After that, we went to Pacific Beach and Mount Saint Helen’s. Each of which are gorgeous places. Pacific Beach was my personal favorite because it is so different from the beaches we are used to. It was cold; It was windy; It was foggy; It was beautiful. From where you parked your car, you couldn’t see the beach because of the fog. But it was all amazing. The water was cold, so we obviously didn’t swim, but it was so relaxing and different from our normal beach experience. Overall, Washington is our favorite state, but maybe just because it is the most different so far from our norm.


2 thoughts on “Washington

  1. I saw you pass through Petaluma and were both dancing to music in our cars pretty fun you’re pretty cute šŸ˜‰

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