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Hello! I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting on here regularly, but I’ve been having huge problems with wifi, and when I do have wifi, troubles with uploading photos to the site. So, instead of piddling in random McDonalds trying to upload 50 pictures, I am instead going to post a link to my public Facebook album. Much easier, and that way, even if you don’t have a Facebook, you can still view it.

A lot has happened since Utah, but I wish I could go back. We just drove through the top part to get to Salt Lake City, but on our way into the city we stopped at a place called Lamb’s Canyon. It was only a 1.75 mile hike, so my little brother and I figured we could make it and with just one bottle of water, but we were wrong. Luckily enough, we met a great man there who shared his water with us AND gave us some great tips on where to go in the city.

We visted Downtown Salt Lake, the International Peace Garden, Gilgal Garden, Antelope Island, and Liberty Park, most of which were suggestions from our new found friend.

My personal favorite was Antelope Island. It was absolutely gorgeous. I can not believe we only spent one day in Salt Lake. I really can not wait until we have a chance to visit again!


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