On The Road!

My little brother and I left today at around 7pm. We were planning on earlier, but apparently teenage boys don’t wake up till 12, and don’t get packed until 5. We got about an hour out before we hit a bad thunderstorm and had to stop. Now we are just two hours away from Nashville, TN. We are stopped now, and will reach Nashville in the morning. The plan is to hit the streets, take some beautiful photographs, and let the photography adventure start 🙂 I can’t wait to share with you all! Hopefully I will start posting pictures tomorrow night!


10 thoughts on “On The Road!

  1. how is your date off like that? do you have a date setting? did your reply ME NEITHER last night? today is the 24. its not 933 pm yet. youre still in our time zone. thats freaking me out and i cant stop typing! are you in a time warp WHATS GOING ON DOWN THERE!? hehehee did you find the tardis? SHEEEEEEEEILAAAAA tasha and kevin found the tardis and their not sharin!

    1. I would ground both of them, but,,,,,,,,,, I will have to wait until their adventure is over. I know she has had a ménage of challenges with the phone, and internet. I know all picture will be published when it is over for sure.! As they said in the 70’s Keep on Truckin Natasha and Kevin!

    1. Okay, so I originally thought that because you were talking about Adrian’s comment, it was because he lives in Romania and is 8hrs ahead of us.. Then I realized that its like that on everything.. and I have no clue why or how to fix it lol I have been in the same time zone for ever. Florida is the same time zone, at least in Pensacola, as the rest of the places I’ve been traveling to, and I have now clue why it says you posted tomorrow lol

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